What's My Upgrade Date?

Want to know your upgrade date? Enter your mobile number below. Our web service will call your upgrade eligibility data information. Our information is only as good as your carrier's information – if you do not think the data is correct, please click Chat or submit a request at support@wirelesshelp.com.

Upgrade dates normally range from 18-24 months from your last device purchase. As a result, our data is refreshed every 30-60 days. If you have upgraded your device in the past few months, you are not eligible to upgrade. Not Eligible, but still need to replace your device at full retail? Please click Chat or submit a request at support@wirelesshelp.com.

If you would like to know if your current Sprint device is upgrade eligible, please click here.

Upgrade Data Disclaimer

All Upgrade Eligible Orders are finalized when the order is placed regardless of the date published in this service request. If the information conflicts, you will be notified prior to your order placement. Your Order is subject to your company's policies and approval workflows prior to placement.